Developing camera SoC products for better
quality of life, based on philosophy
“Innovating human life with our imaging

PIXELPLUS is a fabless semiconductor company that researches, develops and manufactures image sensors and imaging solutions.
Image sensors and imaging solutions hold a promising market growth potential since they can be widely applied and adopted in diverse industries and fields including security, automotive, medical and bioscience. PIXELPLUS has been focusing on security and monitoring camera solutions and automotive camera solutions, and offers total solutions for image sensor-based camera applications by penetrating medical and home application markets in the future.

CEO's Message

CEO Lee Seo-gyu

Innovative management, creative thinking and professionalism

PIXELPLUS is a well-experienced company that designs and manufactures CMOS image sensors and chipset solutions. Founded in April 2000, PIXELPLUS developed a compact VGA and 1.3 M Pixel image sensor solutions for mobile phones for the first time in Korea in 2003, It was later adopted by local mobile phone giants, contributing to the increased global competitiveness of domestic mobile phones. In 2005, we developed the industry’s first auto-focus (AF) 2 M Pixel CMOS image sensor solution and emerged as the industry’s leading company. Based on these successes and the market-proven technology and management capability, PIXELPLUS was listed on NASDAQ on December in 2005.

Also, PIXELPLUS has been focusing on market-leading high value products in three major focus segments of security/monitoring, automotive imaging and medical imaging solutions, based on its proprietary image sensor design technology, device design technology, signal processing technology, analog design and ASIC design technologies that it has accumulated.

Advancements in technology have enabled a single integrated chip to have various functionalities never imagined before. Equipped with power-efficient design and small form-factor, even with the integrated peripheral instruments, the advanced camera SoC products are highly likely to have significant effects on our life in the future in every aspect. Based on the philosophy of “Innovating human life with our imaging technology”, PIXELPLUS will continue to grow as an industry leader by offering best-of-breed imaging technologies and creating customer-oriented values through innovative management, creative thinking and genuine professionalism.

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Company Philosophy & Vision

  • Philosophy

    Innovating human life with our imaging technology

  • Vision 2020


  • 2021.08 Entered SVM Automotive Before market in Japan
  • 2020.02 Developed the WDR 960p CIS [PK2130K, PK3130K] for Automotive
  • 2018.09 Developed the SVM Controller [PI5008KA] and Entered Automotive Market
  • 2015.06 Listed On KOSDAQ
  • 2014.06 Qualified as a beneficiary of World Class 300 Project
  • 2013.12 Won “US$100M Export Tower Award”
    on Trade Day
  • 2013.09 Nominated as "Global Professional Enterprise"
    by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
  • 2012.12 Developed world’s first ⅓" 960H NTSC/PAL Analog sensor (PC1099)
  • 2012.06
    • Nominated as “Hidden Champion company”
      by Export-Import Bank of Korea
    • Nominated as “Export-oriented strong small
      and medium-sized enterprise” by Industrial
      Bank of Korea (IBK)
    • Developed world's first single chip ⅓" HD CMOS image sensor
      with 20 bit parallel interface embedded (PH1100)
  • 2012.04 Won Global IT CEO Award from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy
  • 2011.12 Introduced a new Brand
    and developed the
    single chip solution (PX2089)
    with embedded D1-class WDR
  • 2008.06 Developed ¼" NTSC/PAL (PC1030)
    Analog sensor (for security monitoring),
    for the first time in Korea
  • 2005.12 Listed on NASDAQ
  • 2005.03 World-first mass production of AF-embedded 2M pixel CIS
  • 2004.11 Won “US$20M Export Tower Award” on Trade Day
  • 2004.10 Won “Silver Tower of Industrial Service Merit Award” at Venture Korea 2004 Venture Company Award
  • 2003.12 Launched world-first 1.3M pixel mobile phone sensor (PO2130),
    applied to a Samsung phone (a.k.a. Hyori phone)
  • 2003.05 Mass production of 1.3M pixel integrated image sensor (PO1030)
    for mobile phones
  • 2002.10 Won citation from
    the Minister of Commerce,
    Industry and Energy at Korea's Technology Awards
  • 2000.04 Founded


6th Floor, 105, Gwanggyo-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 16229, Korea