• 1 High performance pixel design
  • 2 Low noise analog circuit design
  • 3 Superior digital image signal processor
  • 4 Variable and unique function design
  • 5 Small, high performance low power system on a chip

Strengths of PIXELPLUS R&D Center

  • Leading Process Optimization

    Leading process optimization for quality improvement of CMOS image sensors through securing various foundry process setup capabilities

  • Professionals Covering the Entire CIS Development Chain

    Covering the full CIS development cycle including pixel design, analog circuit design, ISP (image signal processing) design, installation assessment and system development, etc.

  • Total Imaging Solution

    Offering one-chip CMOS image sensors as a total imaging solution which includes ISP and TX functionalities complying with various transmission standards (analog TV, digital TV, etc).

CMOS Image Sensors
Core Component for IoT Applications

Ready to explode with unbounded IoT applications

Just as human eyes do, image sensors function as a core component of Internet of Things applications, and they are utilized in unlimited visual sensing scenarios including security cameras, cameras for vehicles, medical cameras and industrial cameras for detecting errors.